Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Lifestyle interfere with the operation of my primary garage door?
The Lifestyle system retracts to store under your existing garage door. The system rolls easily on its own tracks to store directly under your existing garage door. The Lifestyle system has no affect on the operation of your primary garage door.

2. Can I buy the Lifestyle system and install it myself?
The Lifestyle system is installed by trained professionals only to ensure a proper fit and installation. Contact us today and we will set up a time to give you a free estimate for one of our qualified, professionals to install your door.

3. I have a wind loaded door, will the Lifestyle still work?
Yes, the Lifestyle works on all wind-loaded doors except those that have the 6" C-channel in use.

4. What sizes and colors are available?
Currently, the Lifestyle comes in all sizes from 8' to 18' wide as well as  7' and 8' in height.  White and brown are currently available and other colors are soon to follow.

5. Can different types of screen material be used?
Yes, The Lifestyle is available with the standard 18x14 fiberglass mesh as well as optional screen material known as Super Screen. The Super Screen is an upgrade and is available in white and charcoal. Super Screen is pet resistant, offers a higher degree of privacy over the standard screen, and helps control tiny pests such as No-See-Ums. The Lifestyle system can also be used with practically any type of screen material.

6. What is the Lifestyle frame material made of?
The Lifestyle frame is made of high-grade, high quality aluminum and is always Made in the USA.

7. My Garage is weather sealed, will my Lifestyle also have a weather seal?
The Lifestyle system comes weather sealed 100%!  The gentle close door is also weather sealed and in combination with our fiberglass mesh Super Screen, we can ensure you that pest free enviroment!


 The Lifestyle Screen Solutions System

 The Lifestyle Screen Solutions system is an easy-to-use, affordable and fully retractable screen unit that provides comfortable outdoor living space. Working seamlessly with the operation of your existing garage door, the system uses a vertical and horizontal track system mounted directly inside the existing door, leaving the floor track-free. A “door-within-a-door” system, Lifestyle Screen Solutions is one of the most innovative and unique screen systems for garages.  It offers an exit door without the need to retract the entire screen.

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